VE3SWA - Short wave
Our Short Wave Club Station
-VE3SWA- is one of the
oldest in the South-West
region and has achieved an
almost perfect score for the
DXCC Award. At the time,
there were 335 countries in
the world and we have
made contact with
334 of
them! This earned us the
DXCC Honour Roll.
Worked All Zones (WAZ) This diploma confirms that we have
worked with all 40 Zones. Please see above link for the rules
and description of WAZ. What is a 'Zone' you might ask...
Check out the Beginner's Guide for more information
Worked All Continents (WAC) If you have made contact to all
continents as described on the IARU web page, your
achievemeyour achievement will be recognised with the WAC
Award. The International Amateur Radio Union, or IARU, is
the international governing body of all HAM radio amateurs.
Worked All States (WAS) The American Radio Relay League
(ARRL) issues this award if you contacted all 50 american
These are only a few of the diplomas that one can achieve;
there is a lot more are out there...! Please check out the
"Useful Links" for more info and and links.
The following countries needed for
the complete list:
BS7H Scarborough Reef
FT5W Crozet Island
KP1 Navassa
P5 North Korea
VU4 Andaman and Nicobar
ZS8/m Marion Island