Other links and pages...
Very extensive and comprehensive site about HAM Radio
A long listing of repeaters in the southern
Ontario and Western New York
An excellent review of high power amplifiers;
do-s and dont'-s when you build your own.
Radio propagation
forecast. Check out the
'Band' section on the
right. This is 'live' data,
thanks to N0NBH
This toroid core calculator will calculate all the
details necessary to make your balun. (even if you
do not have all those weird parameters...)
Tonnes of HAM-related info by ON4AA...
Click here to send me your favourite HAM Radio related links. We will
sort and publish them ...
Live real time satellite tracking by N2YO. Includes the
International Space Station (ISS), Amateur Radio, NOAA,
Weather, Military and other satellites. Very cool...
You can tune and control this Softwre Defined
Radio (SDR)
over the internet and listen what
they hear on the frequency in Europe. The web
page is written in Hungarian, but the controls are
easy to understand. As a test, I sent a call from
my radio and listened it on this web page!
I could
hear my own signals...
To build a PSK31 interface is very easy. Just a few
components, a box and you are on your way to make
your first PSK31 contacts.
Useful information on how to build electronic stuff.
You do not have to get very fancy as you can see it
here and here.
A well documented PSK31 interface is shown here
John Shannon, K3WWP conducted a poll among
HAM Radio operators about their operating
habits and other personal interests, hobbies,
Excellent page about Morse-code by FOC
(First Class CW Operator's Club). It has
plenty of information and links to Morse-code
learning sites and programmes
You can search radio frequencies in canada to see who has
rights to it, great for SWL or scanner listeners
Very good information from Industry Canada about Amateur
Radio Service. How to obtain a licence, Radio Operator
Certicates, accredited Examiners ( we got one right here in
Available Amateur Radio Call signs. Build your distinctive
call sign and see if it is available...!
80 Meter Canadian net with 45 years of
participation operating on 3.755 MHz LSB
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40 meter Canadian net with 34 years of
participation operating on 7.055 MHZ LSB
VE3VGI John VE3EGC Dave and Russ VE9FI
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