Executive Board
I was first licensed in June of 1992. My main interests include listening to VHF/UHF Nets,
scanners, Short Wave Radio and I also take part in Field Day activities. I have been a
member of our Club since 1991. Since may 2003 I also hold a role of Vice President.
I received my first licence as HA3PI in Hungary, 1968; licenced in Canada as VE3USP
since 1999. My main interest is CW; I am a member of FOC (First Class Operator's Club)
since 2012, my number is #2010. I like to experiment with antennae and enjoy designing
electronic circuits.
Licenced since 2001, CW (morse code) being my prefered area of the hobby, along
with antenna expirements. Being a younger amateur radio operator I was once asked
why I liked the "old" technology in this day and age of smart phones and internet, my
reply was why would anybody want to sleep in a tent and cook over a camp fire in this
day and age of motels and microwave ovens, why, because it is unique, interesting
and fun.
I've been 'into' radio for as long as I can remember. My first radio license was obtained
in 1968.I obtained an R.O.R (Restricted Operator of Radio) license through Civil Defense
of Canada in 1970. Current calls held are VE3MAH, VE3TCC and VE3SWR. Temporarily
held call FP8SP.
I joined the Cambridge Amateur Radio Club in 1978 and have held positions of
president, secretary, bulletin editor, education coordinator and repeater tech team.
Most of my radio activities include the technical side including design and
construction of antennas and accessories. The rest of my time is spent keeping some
vintage cars on the road.
You can send an email to any of the executive members by clicking on their name and
call sign. You are also encouraged to visit us at our monthly meetings held on the
second Monday of the month
I have obtained my Basic (+) licence on January 9th, 2009. My "ELMER" is Dr. B. Grapes
with thanks.
My interest is speaking with other HAM-s and building antennas that can be used for
small places like condominiums, etc. Also interested in Fox Hunting (with radio, of
The Constitution and Bylaw of the South Waterloo Amateur Radio Club Inc and its
amendment is available by clicking the links below.
Vice President
Accredited Examiner
President and VE 3 SWA call
VE 3 SWR call custodian
and Historian
Licenced February 1983
Robert with his first radio, along with younger brother