Who we are....
We are one of the oldest Clubs in the area. Our Club was established over 45 years ago
in 1964 although our history goes back to to the 50-s. Our legal and incorporated name
is South Waterloo Amateur Radio Club or SWARC. After Cambridge bacame a city on its
own right, we felt that it should be reflected in our name, hence we now use Cambridge
Amateur Radio CLub, or CARC in short.
Our history
This is a patch you could wear on
your jacket, showing our original
registered emblem
Our current emblem -as you have
seen it on the front page- is very
similar to the original one
The CARC Club meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 8:00pm in the
Preston Arena Board Room.
Visitors always welcome.

Preston Arena is located atBishop St and Hamilton St, please see map below.
No meetings in July or August.

Membership fee is $20 for one year. This will also get you the Dummy Load, which is our
monthly news bulletin
We take part in the annual Field Day Contest. The purpose of the contest is to
demonstrate and exercise our ability to operate within adverse conditions. Such
conditions may arise as a result of a natural disaster or other emergencies. During Field
Day we set up our station in the field in tents and make as many contacts with others
as possible. Some use solar panels to power their radio, others use wind power or
diesel generator. The point is to be able to operate in emergency situations. Ham Radio
Operators are able to help out and maintain communication even when there is no
phone or internet.
A.R.E.S. stands for Amateur Radio Emergency Service. In fact, after the earth quake
in Haiti, HAM Radio Operators were the first to establish contact with the rest of the
Field Day - 2014 Valens Conservation Area, Sugarbush site